Essay on reputation in beowulf

For example, Beowulf is rightly concerned about how the rest of the world will see him.

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This quote describes about the honor he receives from all the battles he has won. He will forever live on because of his reputation and honor.

Good versus evil is always represented in the epic Beowulf. We see Beowulf as a hero and he can do no wrong. Beowulf is loyal and courageous and readers see him so strong that nothing can take him down. He fights all demons, dragons and monsters and yet he still lives. Battles are won and victories are claimed. This quote truly represents Beowulf because it means Beowulf is willing to fight anyone and anything. Readers see that Beowulf is just taking a dive into battles left and right, from Grendel to his mother to the dragon who takes his life.

Good versus evil is the definition of this poem. Free essay samples Essays Beowulf Essay. Beowulf Essay 11 November We will write a custom essay sample on. Beowulf Essay. A limited time offer! Consider the president of the United States. In Beowulf, the hero is known throughout the region as an upstanding, courageous warrior.

Beowulf, in his many fights, is often carried by his reputation, and is held to a higher standard. I believe this is in part, because of his reputation.

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In todays world, that is an important attitude and quality for people to have. Often the most courageous people find their courage in the hope and admiration of others.

Beowulf Essay

Reputation is so important because you have people like Beowulf who are so popular and strong-willed that people like Unferth want to have a big reputation also. Reputation in Beowulf isnt what repuatation in our world is today, they had less jealousy back then. Reputation is Beowulf is slightly different, back then there probably wasnt many people who faught JUST for reputation like people do today.

It means more to people now a days. At the time of Beowulf, a persons reputation was all that anyone had. The only real way to identify or know about someone else is through their reputaion, which was passed on from person to person.

Heroism in Beowulf and Grendel Multimedia essay

When people tell stories, they tend to exagerate, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing. Beowulf had an excellent reputation because he acted courageously and treated people with respect, therefore, when people spoke of Beowulf they told others of how magnificent he was. Reputation also affected how others looked at a persons family. This is evident when Beowulf arrives on the Danish shores. Because of who his family was and what they had done, Beowulf was given respect and allowed to enter.

I think reputation plays a similar role in our society today, but not to quite the extent as it does in the epic. I have experienced being judged based off of who my cousins were, but I was not fit to a mold that I could not break, and people soon realized how different I was. Also, the things people say about one another has influence on what someone thinks about another person, but with all forms of media and records that we have in our society today it can be much easier disprove rumors. This too can be credited to all the media and records that are kept today.

Reputation seems very important to the characters in Beowulf because many characters have great pride in what they have done and like to be recognized for it. Although in our society reputation seems to much more important to others.

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  • Many think they always need to be number one or on top and that is the only thing that matters. Many in our society feel the need to explain to everyone what they have done just like Beowulf did when he won any battle that he was in. Beowulf was the leader of his people and made sure of this by explaining to his people all that he has done. Both our society and the Beowulf poem have stong feelings about reputation. Reputation is very important to the characters in Beowulf. That mindset is similar to the mindset of some people today, but i think reputation is more important to the characters in Beowulf.

    Throughout the epic poem, Beowulf is obsessed with his reputation. The importance of reputation in the epic poem is that it gives the people money or pride. The same could be said for our society today if you have a high enough reputation you can get you the right friends who can give you money and it can give you pride. He had to defend himself and then cut Unferth down to size.

    Another example of reputation was that Beowulf and his group came prepared to kill Grendal. I think that reputation is just as important in our society as it was in Beowulf. In the book reputations seem to be really important because the characters judged each other by their reputations very much like we do. In our society I think it works the same way, we judge people based on their reputations before actually getting to know them which makes reputations important.

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    Reputation is important to the characters because their reputation is what they live by. In the world we live in today, reputation is an important factor in life, but the pedestal that it is put on is not as high as it was during the medieval times. In the time that Beowulf was written, reputation was one of the most important values an individual possessed. Now-a-days, since priorities have changed, so has the view on reputation. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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