Child development study coursework

Many early childhood education degree programs help teachers to guide the physical, emotional and intellectual growth of their students.


Course topics in childhood development instruct students on how to identify the stages of development in these areas and how to encourage growth in children who have different learning styles. These future teachers learn how to plan activities and games for their students that support the advancement of social abilities, physical coordination and motor skills. This type of course also introduces future teachers to the industry and state standards for preschool and kindergarten education as they pertain to childhood growth and development.

The years associated with early childhood education are the ones that are the most important for language development. It is the period when some parents choose to introduce their children to multiple languages that they seem to absorb with relative ease.

It is also the time when neglected children fail to develop the necessary abilities to express themselves effectively in any language. Future early childhood education teachers are taught how to assess the linguistic development stages of their students and create lesson plans to promote language acquisition and communication skills that prepare young learners for literacy during their primary school years.

The best time to identify whether children require special needs in academic settings is in the early childhood development stage. These special needs could be related to physical, emotional and cognitive disabilities; they could also address the issues surrounding childhood behavioral disorders.

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Accreditation occurs in a seven-year cycle, with programs submitting annual reports to maintain accreditation. Review the CDE Departments most recent data here. In addition, Saddleback Child Development Department is proud to offer almost all our courses online, which has been helpful for many people who work full time or who live in areas where they cannot easily access community college.

About the course

Our online courses are designed to allow students to make the most of their time without sacrificing quality education. All Child Development courses are offered within every two year period. Most are offered every year.

Family and Child Major

Students may choose to use all online, all on campus, or a mixture of each to complete their certificate or degree requirements. Applying what is learned to real life settings is an integral part of our program and our online child development courses do involve child observations in a variety of activities so online students must be prepared to find early childhood settings near them to visit regularly during the duration of their courses.

Instead of attending lectures on campus, online students attend "virtual" classrooms via the Internet. In addition, the applications allow the use of several communication tools such as discussion boards, chat rooms and email. Log on to your Canvas course thorough the tab at the top of the Saddleback homepage.

Understanding child development: from synapse to society

Learning materials vary from class to class, but may include textbooks, video demonstrations, Power Point presentations, interactive lessons, and Web resources. Learning activities may include writing papers, posting comments or essays to online discussion forums, completing individual or group projects, visiting children's settings for observations or participation and taking quizzes.

While students can often choose when and where they work, there are usually deadlines for homework and exams. Students interact with their instructor and classmates via web discussion forums, e-mail, chat sessions, and phone calls. Students apply for online courses in the same way they do for on campus courses. The difference in registration is only the ticket number. For more information about individual courses, contact the current instructor of the course.

What Coursework Should I Expect for an Early Childhood Education Degree?

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    What Is Developmental Coursework?

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