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Tufts Encourages Applicants to "Take a Risk" When Answering Essay Supplements

Visit the Common Application site when you find yourself actually ready to apply on line. Think outside the box because you answer the next questions. Have a risk as well as go anywhere unexpected. Get serious generally if the moment requires it still feel comfortable currently being playful whenever that suits you, too. Pick one and also explain a significance to your account.

It is actually what main difference we have manufactured to the lifestyles of other folks that will determine the significance of your life we all lead.

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The Darien, Conn. But one school asked for something different: a video. Tufts University, outside Boston, is one of the first higher-learning institutions to provide an option on its official admissions application for students to submit a video essay if they choose to. And some students say these videos have made the admissions process much more enjoyable. Lee Coffin, dean of admissions at Tufts, says applicants are asked to submit a one-minute video that "says something" about themselves.

We're not abandoning writing.

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This is something extra," he said. Out of the 15, applications Tufts received this year, about 1, of them included a video. Some sent a DVD while others, like Holmes, uploaded their video to YouTube and included the link on their application.


Coffin said they evaluate each video on its content, not its production value. Nevertheless, some applicants have produced brow-raising videos in order to help tell their stories.

They are as creative as they are diverse: from stop-action photography to building and flying a remote-controlled elephant the Tufts mascot. One applicant performed a card trick.

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Another performed a rap song. With no prior video editing experience, Holmes spent four hours on his mother's webcam-equipped laptop splicing clips of James Lipton, the host of Bravo's "Inside the Actor's Studio," interviewing a guest. He then replaced the guest's answers with video clips of his own. Now the Tufts admissions committee knows his favorite and least favorite words, what profession he'd like to pursue, and what he hopes God says to him when he reaches the pearly gates of heaven.

I think it's even harder to do that in a word essay. It is yet another example of how social media is working itself into the college admissions process. Yale University's admissions office recently produced a minute video for prospective students. There's a way that this all fits together. Coffin says that at Tufts: "All of those things are still here. But who says those are the only things a college can consider?

There's a kid here who is expressing interest in this university and I find it refreshing. It seems to be refreshing to applicants, too. Holmes said it was nice to see a college application asking for something different. But Broaddus thinks the students they see in the application videos may not be acting like their true selves.

Lina Juozelskis, 17, of Middleton, Mass. She hopes to get into the engineering college at Tufts.

http://outer-edge-design.com/components/text/4094-galaxy-a2-core.php Juozelskis spent three days writing a song about her love for calculus. Then she turned on her video camera, picked up her guitar, and sang her heart out to the audience that is the Tufts admissions committee. Holmes' and Juozelskis' videos have each been viewed more than 1, times since they were uploaded to YouTube at the end of Some viewers have even rated them and left comments, a striking shift from the traditionally private arrangement of the college application process.