Online school vs traditional school thesis statement

However, the experiment and the produced data have shown the opposite, that virtual interaction produces better results. Schutte The finding could be explained that the virtual group students had a hard time contacting the teacher face-to-face and ask him directly which strengthened the bonds between the students to cooperate to reach an answer. This collaboration experience was enough to decide virtual education was a better way of teaching. Online tests relief students from stress.

Also, online education exams materials are always covered in the given texts, audio and videos while in traditional methods there is hardly specific materials students have to cover, they rely on notes and points covered in lectures. One use of online education and traditional education is the integration of both; this offers students with a variety of studying method which will indirectly motivate students to work harder and study more, assignment can be dealt with online and lectures would still be held in classrooms.

An online education program can be a very rewarding experience for those individuals who are self-motivated, well-organized and independent learners.

Online Classes Vs Traditional Classes Essay

Online education is gaining increasing popularity among students and working adults because of factors such as convenience, affordability, flexibility, and accessibility. But on the other side younger students, and students who are dependent learners, may face number of problems towards adapting this unconventional kind of education.

Online Education Vs Traditional Education, n. But as long as the internet is expanding, online education will continue to grow bringing more solutions and new ideas. Although online students are still not treated equally as normal graduate students but that is believed to change.

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On the other hand, many cases have been reported about an increasing number of students dropping out, it is not yet a serious problem that would affect online universities anytime soon but it is there and it has to be dealt with. Many ideas to use both systems simultaneously were mentioned which can improve education experience. The future for both systems look bright and would undergo many improvement and upgrades.

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Online vs traditional education thesis statement

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Online Vs. Traditional Education

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