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Also, please let your sponsor know your expected date of return before you leave. What if the list of dissertation committee members changes, or if it is incorrect? Please email dissertations [at] columbia. After I have scheduled my dissertation progress meeting with my committee members, how do I let GSAS know the date set for the meeting? You should use the link that was included in the message asking you to set a meeting to report that information to GSAS.

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Shortly after the meeting date you indicated to GSAS when you arranged for the meeting, a message will be sent to your sponsor with a link to a brief response form for feedback about the meeting. At the same time, a message will be sent to you soliciting any feedback you may have about the meeting.

Student Guide Resources for every step of your graduate education. Dissertation Progress Meetings. Before the start of the semester: GSAS confirms with directors of graduate studies and departmental administrators which students should participate in Dissertation Progress Meetings.

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Students with the prospectus may be exempted if they are about to distribute or defend, will be conducting fieldwork, or for other compelling reasons. Beginning of the semester: GSAS sends a message to students in the dissertation-writing phase requesting that they schedule a Dissertation Progress Meeting by the end of that term. Throughout the semester: Students schedule a Dissertation Progress Meeting and notify GSAS of the meeting date by submitting the brief form mentioned above.

You can change your cookie settings at any time. Otherwise, we'll assume you're OK to continue. During your studies in years 1 and 2 you will have been working with diverse and novel ways of approaching a range of subjects and issues, and will have seen that your tutors are setting out advanced intellectual agendas across many periods, cultures, and disciplines.

In developing and completing an extended piece of original work, you will participate in and contribute to the distinctive research culture of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures. While the subject of the Dissertation must intersect with the research expertise and interests of the staff, we welcome and encourage original and innovative proposals from students.

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The module is available in two forms: a credit version 8, words and an extended credit version 12, words. Students who are studying one language at Level 3 of the BA in MLAC must do the credit Dissertation; those doing two languages may choose between credit and credit. Neither variant is available to students taking a Dissertation in any other department.

The theoretical framework: what and how?

It gives you a high degree of autonomy in defining your own research question and aims, finding an appropriate method, selecting suitable resources, organising the time that you devote to the project, and seeking and responding to feedback from your supervisor. The academic skills of managing an extended project, collecting and analysing information, critically assessing sources and arguments, communicating your findings clearly and persuasively according to professional presentational requirements, and showing intellectual creativity and problem-solving ability are all central to the graduate attributes you are expected to demonstrate at the end of a degree programme see the Undergraduate Level Descriptors in the University's Core Regulations.

They are also important transferable skills which are highly valued by employers. The Dissertation also provides invaluable practice for those of you who plan to progress to postgraduate study.

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Your research will be supported by a designated supervisor or, in some cases, a supervisory team. These will be specialists, publishing internationally recognized books and articles in their research fields. Deng, Yexin Two-dimensional electronics and optoelectronics: From materials syntheses to device applications. Dennis, Tana Shea Influence of dietary component manipulation and feed management strategies on growth and rumen development of weaned dairy heifers.

Writing a Chapter of my PhD Thesis in a Month

Deuser, August Robert Technology, nostalgia, and coming-of-age in Salinger's short fiction. DeVilbiss, Frank T Is metabolism goal-directed? Investigating the validity of modeling biological systems with cybernetic control via omic data. Dey, Sayan Role of river bathymetry in hydraulic modeling of river channels. Dhamankar, Nitin S An immersed boundary method for efficient computational studies of nozzles designed to reduce jet noise. Dhillon, Jaapna The effects of including almonds in an energy-restricted diet on weight, body composition, visceral adipose tissue, blood pressure and cognitive function.

Diao, Kelu Hardware accelerated redundancy elimination in network system. Ding, Zi'ang Lagrangian analysis of vector and tensor fields: Algorithmic foundations and applications in medical imaging and computational fluid dynamics. Doh, Iyll-Joon Development of bacterial colony phenotyping instrument using reflected scatter light.

Douilly, Roby 3D dynamic rupture simulation and local tomography studies following the Haiti earthquake. Dow, Ximeng You Nonlinear optical methods for the analysis of protein nanocrystals and biological tissues. Duarte Gomez, Eileen Enid The use of lux enzymes to investigate the association between irreversible protein denaturation and pressure-mediated inactivation of Escherichia coli.

Dubikovsky, Sergey I The association between tolerance for ambiguity and fear of negative evaluation: A study of engineering technology capstone courses. Duffy, Alexandra G Billbug Sphenophorus spp. Du, Juan Complex formation by alpha-lactalbumin and polysaccharide copolymers. Du, Mike Realtime dynamic binary instrumentation. Dundar, Aysegul Learning from minimally labeled data with accelerated convolutional neural networks. Dunn, Jonathan M Nanoscale phonon thermal conductivity via molecular dynamics.

Durkes, Abigail Cox The effects of acidified pepsin on porcine vocal fold tissue: Developing a porcine model of laryngopharyngeal reflux disease. Eadara, Archana Modeling, analysis, and simulation of Muzima fingerprint module based on ordinary and time Petri nets. Easton, Mckay Whetton Density functional theory calculations complement mass spectrometry experiments in the investigation of biomass fast pyrolysis and ion-molecule reaction mechanisms. Eberline, Andrew Dale Perceptions of and experiences with the Indiana teacher evaluation system in physical education.

Edalatnoor, Arash Energy optimization of air handling unit using CO2 data and coil performance. Edelman, Joshua B Secondary instabilities of hypersonic stationary crossflow waves. Edelman, Peter J Interplanetary mission design with applications to guidance and optimal control of aero-assisted trajectories. Ehlers, Shawn Gregory Rearward visibility issues related to agricultural machinery: Contributing factors, potential solutions. Engerer, Jeffrey D Rapid transient cooling utilizing flash boiling and desorption on graphitic foams.

Erdei, Ronald An examination of the employment of the pair programming methodology as a collaborative instructional scaffold on college student procedural learning and programming self-beliefs. Escalante, Lucio Navarro Discovery and functional analyses of Hessian fly effector-encoding genes. Eun, Joonyup Models and optimization for elective surgery scheduling under uncertainty considering patient health condition.

Ewetz, Rickard F Synthesis of clock trees with useful skew based on sparse-graph algorithms. Faheem Ibeacon based proximity and indoor localization system. Fahmi, Tazin Stress and immunological evaluations of sea urchin treated with four different nutraceuticals.


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Falk, Courtney Knowledge modeling of phishing emails. Fang, Maureen M Integrating precision machining process capability data into product feature design process. Fan, Jingxian Taming tail latency for erasure-coded, distributed storage systems. Fan, Xiaozhe An LED-based image sensor with energy harvesting and projection capabilities college of technology.

Feng, Chao Biophysical studies of the allosteric regulatory mechanism of Syk tandem SH2 domains interacting with immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motifs. Feng, Qingyu Hydrologic and water quality impacts from perennial crop production on marginal lands. Ferialdy, Arfinandi Graph theoretical analysis of the Dynamic Lines of Collaboration model for disruption response.

Fezi, Kyle S Modeling transport phenomena and uncertainty quantification in solidification processes. Frappier, Ann M An investigation of composite failure analyses and damage evolution in finite element models. Fu, Jiahong Uncertainty quantification on industrial high pressure die casting process. Fu, Rong Early parental loss, socioeconomic stressors, and health in later life: Evidence for gender disparity. Gabet, Ryan M A comparative forensic analysis of privacy enhanced web browsers. Gaeta, Christopher M Quit playing with your watch: Perceptions of smartwatch use.

Gaffar, Md Explicit and unconditionally stable finite difference time domain methods for general electromagnetic analysis.