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Com provides online homework support to every student studying in different fields. Our english tutors provide instant and quality answers for high school, college, university homework. The students are very appreciative and recognize the staff members being more than just teachers, administrators and support staff. The students view the staff as mentors that they can go to for guidance in life.

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The academic program is also supportive of student needs. Many students are involved with extracurricular activities and electives that not only drive them to attend daily, but also prepare them for postsecondary life. In addition to the instruction in the core classes by qualified teachers, the school also offers CAD, Robotics, AG, and other high interest elective areas for students to learn skills toward employment.

Some students currently attending already have jobs and the connection between KRHS and postsecondary options should be commended.

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The culture on campus is very positive. Staff, including administration, Student Resource Officer and Probation Officer, strive for a prevention before intervention model. This view along with positive staff to student relationships creates a feeling of safety and inclusion. PBIS is in place to encourage positive student behaviors by teaching school-wide expectations and providing positive rewards.

The site has experienced growth due to the history of success with student supports and outcomes.

The district supports the site and is aware of its value to the community. Kings River High School is a Model Continuation School that supports its current and former students by putting the needs of the individual first. The program offered at KRHS is exemplary in terms of support, academics and overall education. His open door policy to all students, staff, families, and other colleagues lays a strong foundation upon which the entire school community has developed mutual trust and respect that leads to an extremely positive school climate and successful outcomes for students.

This sense of community extends from the daily greeting of students by the principal into the classrooms where Advisory activities and supplementary programs such as gardening, yearbook, and Leadership allow students to work collaboratively on engaging and enriching projects of interest. The school community also regularly comes together outside of the classroom for activities like movie night, community dinners, and the annual back-to-school celebration. Students readily volunteer heartfelt commentary and praise expressing that their school is different because they know and can feel that their teachers and staff really care for and about them.

Students report that they love being able to learn in multiple ways and at their own pace, knowing that all of the adults at school are on their team and there to support them. Components such as flexible scheduling, independent extra credit, and incentivizing attendance were highlighted as opportunities that helped to engage and encourage students to make progress toward their goals.

Students said that, despite the difficulties they had experienced before coming to La Paloma and struggles they may be experiencing still, they now feel like they have the support they need and are in an environment where can succeed.

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That sentiment of caring for the whole student is echoed by parents, who feel that this commitment to student needs directly relates to positive outcomes for their students. Pollard High School for the model continuation high school award. Pollard has demonstrated that academic rigor and working with the whole student are top priority, not only for the school site but for the district as well.

The school has partnerships with local churches, community colleges, the Rotary Club, and military branches which assist with resources students need now and as they graduate to make the transition to college and career.

All stakeholders work collaboratively to ensure students have an Individualized Learning Plan conducive to their schedule and future plans. Parents expressed high satisfaction with the communication between school and home and how their children are being supported on campus. Students feel empowered through the many opportunities available to earn credits towards graduation as well as getting involved in CTE courses on campus that allow them to display their creativity in the arts that they would not have previously been able to do.

Dual enrollment is another option for students who also want to be involved at the comprehensive high schools in their sports programs. It is apparent there is a positive relationship between the traditional high schools and Pollard to keep students involved in more than just academics. Adult Education has also opened its doors to students who want to earn credits toward graduation.

Teachers not only participate in professional development on site, but they also lead professional development for district workshops available to all teachers. They are proving to be lifelong learners and experts in the field as they continue to provide rigor through innovation in their classes. The administrative team allows teachers room for creativity to keep students engaged in their own learning and connected to the campus because they are showing success.

From the office staff to the counselors to the administration, Pollard staff is dedicated to contributing to all students in a positive and caring way. Lee V. Pollard High School has an educational program conducive to learning for all students and should be recognized as a California Model Continuation High School.

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Lovell High School is committed to placing students first. Teachers are the heart of Lovell and take the time to know each student on a personal level and take a sincere interest in student lives and their personal growth. Moreover, all of LHS teachers spend their lunch time with their students getting to know them further.

The Cutler-Orosi district is united in providing the best education possible to their students. High expectations and a rigorous curriculum is evident at LHS.


San Bernardino Sun, Volume 61, Number 242, 9 June 1955

The PLC at LHS is committed to student achievement and they have established common goals and expectations through common learning strategies i. A licensed therapist is at the school site full-time to provide mental and socio-emotional counseling for students. During a time of limited financial resources, LHS is committed to providing support for the whole child.

School leadership has developed a highly functional Master Schedule. Embedded in the schedule are interventions for students to meet the graduation requirements. CTE coursework encouraged in nursing and firefighting as students are provided transportation from LHS. Also, professional development is every Wednesday and once a month on a modified Monday schedule. The Mending Fences — Equestrian Ranch, Community for Youth and Sheriff Explorer Program provide valuable coaching, work experience and other opportunities for students to impact their community while gaining work experience.

Parents value the community of LHS as evident by their participation and testimony. Parents are advocates for their children while supporting the mission and vision of the school and district. LHS has developed buying from parents to support the educational. Also, students have donated their talent by painting murals on campus to show their Panther Pride. The visiting team witnessed exceptional teaching and coordination between teachers, administration and students during their visit.

The Principal is an exceptional educational leader with a strong vision of the direction that the school needs to move and is supported by District Administration as she brings changes to the campus. The increases in support resources for special education students has changed lives and increased graduations. The expansion of CTE programs has added pathways for student success and shown students that there are multiple ways to move, successfully, into their own futures.

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Maple High School is developing an increasingly positive image in the district, because of the growth and changes in the lives of its students. During discussions with students, it is evident that the young people are becoming more resilient, and are stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for their actions, both in the past and in the present. Students whose post high school plans had been to simply go into the fields and work are now going to college and have developed plans for their lives.

Maple High School has developed a strong relationship with Hancock College and has many students who are in dual enrollment classes and is helping students see that college is a viable option for them and encouraging them to move forward with their post high school education.